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Tools for excel

Maybe you worked on it for hours, finally giving up because the data output was wrong or, the function was too complicated, and it seemed simpler to count the data yourself manually. If that sounds like you, then this Data Analysis in Excel top 15 is for you.

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There are hundreds of functions in Excel, and it can be overwhelming trying to match the right formula with the right kind of data analysis. Fifteen simple functions will improve your ability to analyze data, making you wonder how you ever lived without them. Whether you dabble in Excel or use it heavily at your job, there is a function for everyone in this list.

Combine text, numbers, dates and more from multiple cells into one. In this example:. LEN is especially useful when trying to determine the differences between different Unique Identifiers UIDswhich are often lengthy and not in the right order.

COUNTA will allow you to evaluate any gaps the dataset might have without having to reorganize the data. In the example:. This function determines the number of calendar days between two dates. This is a useful tool for assessing the lifecycle of products, contracts, and run rating revenue depending on service length — a data analysis essential.

Even workaholics need a break now and then! Using these two formulas to compare time frames is especially helpful for project management. For example, accounts receivable might know how much each product costs, but the shipping department can only provide units shipped. In the image below we use reference data A2 combined with the pricing table to have excel looking up matching criteria in the first column and returning an adjacent value.

This is particularly useful for looking for anomalies or unique identifiers. In the example above, the cell is blank so that data consumers can easily pick out which rows returned a matching value. In the example above the product name is used to determine which product was the best seller. In the example, RANK is being used to determine which clients order the most product.

In the example below, we calculate the average selling price of all our products by using sumproduct to times Price by Quantity and then divide by the total volume sold.

We hope you found that useful. This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.PATools software for Excel. It is an accumulation of 20 years of software creation. Why not declutter your desktop right now? Use our built-in Shortcuts instead!

Using the Speak Cells on Enter Tool in Excel

Next get a tool where you can quickly email any part of your open workbook with just a couple of clicks. The more you use that, the more you will love it. We promise! And you can get professional looking printouts with just 2 clicks. On top of that there are many tools for performing quick adjustments to your data.

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There is also a suite of tools for running powerful mail merge from Excel straight to emails, including multiple lines. And so much more besides Simple answer - YOU! Whether you are an occasional or advanced user of Excel, there is plenty here for everyone. And you may even be surprised just how much more productive you can become, and even start to WOW your boss We have a dedicated user base across the globe.

Many have been buying our software for years, some even since we started in ! See below a tiny selection of what they say. American Express.

Amnesty International. Australian Federal Police. Balfour Beatty. Cornell University. Credit Agricole. De Beers. Grand Forks County. Imperial College London. La Senza. Morgan Stanley. US Army. US Forest Service. I have to say that your quick response was beyond my expectations.

Your software allowed me to deliver a huge win for our company with customized reporting, and after spending hours and hours working on VBA script to do the same thing, it's amazing how easy your UI makes these tedious reports. Overall, your company has provided an outstanding product and great support to go with it. It has solved a huge problem we were having that became very labor intensive.

You have allowed us to streamline it again. It allows them to deliver specific and actionable information tailored to the recipient, more than proving that the value of this software is unmatched; it is easy to use, and extremely versatile. With these new licenses, we will have everybody in the Operations Department using your software. Our entire North American communication plan for was built around your software, and has been very well received by our stores and management.

I'm continually impressed as each member of my team has come up with unique ways to use the software. If you would ever like an endorsement for your software we are a Fortune company this year don't hesitate to ask.Tools For Excel. This program allows users who do not have Excel on their computers to view Excel files.

The viewer allows users to see the contents of a workbook, but no change any values or perform any calculations. Download from Microsoft. FindLink by Bill Manville This add-in is the perfect tool to help you track down links in your workbooks.

It searches out links in formulas, defined names, and controls. Download from Stephen Bullen's site. This add-in allows you to remove menus created in Excel version 5 or 95 from your workbooks. Once you've converted a workbook to version 97 oryou can't remove menus created in an earlier version. This add-in allows you to do this. As you do extensive editing to a VBA project, lots of "garbage" gets left in the file because VBA doesn't properly clean up after itself.

Not only does this increase the file size, but it can lead to very strange behavior at run time. CodeCleaner exports all your VBA code to text files, removes the modules from your project, and then imports the code from the text files. This forces VBA to clean out all the garbage and start with a "clean" copy of the code.

I very strongly recommend this add-in. Download from Rob Bovey's site. However, it didn't provide a way to convert existing dialog sheets to the new UserForms. Rob's Dialog Converter automates this tedious and cumbersome task. Dowload from Rob Bovey's site. This is a collection of 25 routines that assist in working with defined names, worksheet settings, and range selections.

Unfortunately, unless you know what image corresponds to what ID number, this isn't an easy task. John's FaceID add-in displays each image, and its ID number, that you can use on a command button and there are a lot more than you may think!

Download from John Walkenbach's site. This is truly one of the best and most useful add-ins I've ever used. Download from www. It provides hundreds of tools to make coding easier. Available free from www. I was inclined not to list any non-free utilities, but PUP version 5 is so good and so useful, that I couldn't resist.

And no, I don't get anything for referrals from here. This is a truly remarkable set of tools. Download directly from Ron's web site. Name Manager by Jan Karel Pieterse The basic interface in Excel for managing defined names is, to put it charitably, lacking. Have you found other utilities that are "Must Have's" for Excel users? Send me an email and I'll add it to the list. The only requirement is that the add-in or workbook be free.

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Several Excel developers have written free utilities and add-ins for Excel that will help make many task easier and more convenient.Ultimate Dashboard Tools is a professional Excel add-in to create advanced live charts and widgets.

Always in a hurry? Discover UDT and boost your productivity! We proudly announce that we passed over 25 customers! Everybody already knows the gauge chart. These are about solutions capable of creating real-time presentations.

We have already said that there are no limits; any number of the gauge can be used on a workbook. Fully automated operation and stability are its characteristics. The latest version of UDT enables 12 zones for gauges! There are a number of ways of showing variance to target in a dashboard. The latest release of UDT provides a dual gauge chart that is simple to read and gives meaningful comparisons between plan and target or actual vs. A radial bar chart also called circular bar chart is eye-catching visualization.

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The main function is comparison. The sales funnel chart is an important element of the UDT. A funnel diagram is a visualization tool that is able to show various effects. You can use up to 12! In version 8. Automate repetitive tasks with our funnel graph so that your sales team can spend less time on data entry!

Check our video tutorial about sales funnel! The bullet chart is a special kind of chart. We have by-passed this problem with some VBA tricks. Highlight the columns containing the base data. Your chart is done! The chart is not only able to handle three categories but a maximum of eight!

Marimekko chart aka mekko chart is the newest chart type of the UDT add-in. From now the mekko chart is fully supported! We can create the horizontal and vertical chart with a push of a button.

We only need to highlight the plan and actual data rows. After this from the ribbon the appropriate icon can be used. We reach the needed result in a blink of an eye. It is good to know that the dynamic chart principal is in effect here too. If we change the value of one cell than the chart will change in real time.

You can share your work! Just send your presentation to your boss, no additional installation necessary. Take Control of your metrics using various chart widgets!

How to maximize speed and stability? Take a deep dive into dashboards in Excel! What our customers saying about UDT.

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One day I got in contact with UDT, and I must say: From day 1, I was surprised by all the benefits you can have to build up your dashboard to visualize your data.A Developer.

An Eweek. Powerful and complex, Microsoft Excel comes packed with so many tools that it's often hard to know which tool can solve a particular problem. Ever feel like it's easier to just keep doing things the slow way simply because it works?

But you deserve better than that, so we've gathered five essential Excel tools that save you time and effort. If you're not currently using them, it's time to up your game. Excel's Flash Fill feature makes it easy to fill data in an Excel worksheet based on adjacent data patterns. Flash Fill looks at the surrounding data, and then it fills a range based on what it finds.

You might, for example, use Flash Fill to separate names or to join them together when you have a column or columns of name data in the wrong format. When you need to arrange existing data differently, Flash Fill can do in seconds what might otherwise take hours of manual work. How to use Flash Fill: Create one or more empty columns alongside the existing data.

Start typing the data that you want to see in the column. As you proceed, Excel looks for a pattern and, when it sees it, it enters the remaining data automatically for you. If Excel gets it right, all is good. If it doesn't, then continue; edit the entries it didn't get right, and Excel will adjust the filled data according to the new pattern. You can also access Flash Fill from the Data tab on the Ribbon. Flash Fill can save you hours of manual work and avoid the need to write custom macro solutions.

When you're working with lists of data in Excel, the Format-as-Table option in the Styles area of the Home tab does a lot more than simply format your data. When you click in a list of data and apply a table format to the data using this tool, Excel also adds a filter to each column. The Format-as-Table option does much more than apply simple formatting to list data. You can use this to sort and filter the data.

When you then click in a cell in the total row, a dropdown list appears from which you can select a function to apply to that column of data, such as sum, average, count and so on.

Excel creates these calculations using a subtotal function, which means they show results for visible data only. And when you create a chart based on the table data, that chart is dynamic and will expand to include any data that you add to the table in future. When you're typing data into a list—and if one or more cells above contain that same data—you can enter it using a dropdown list.

Click the entry you want to use and press Enter. This speeds up the data-entering process, but it also ensures data entry consistency. You can use existing data to speed up data entry or to create custom dropdown lists. You can also create a custom list by entering the list on a second worksheet.

Excel Tools

Select the range and name it using the Name box at the left of the formula bar. In the future all the selected cells will contain a dropdown list from which you can select the desired cell entry. When your worksheet uses data—such as tax rates—that may or may not change over time, it's best to place it in a separate area on the worksheet.

You can then refer to those cells in your formulas.In excel, we have few inbuilt tools which is used for Data Analysis. But these become active only when select any of them. This will take us to the window from where we can select one or multiple Data analysis tool packs which can be seen in the Data menu tab. Start Your Free Excel Course. If you observe excel in your laptop or computer you may not see data analysis option by default. You need to unleash it.

Usually, data analysis tool pack is available under the Data tab. Step 4: Once you click on Add-Ins, at the bottom you will see Manage drop-down list. Select Excel Add-ins and click on Go. Step 5: Once you click on Go, you will see a new dialogue box. You will see all the available Analysis Tool Pack. I have selected 3 of them and then click on Ok. A t-test is returning the probability of the tests. Look at the below data of two teams scoring pattern in the tournament. Step 2: Once you click on Data Analysis you will see a new dialogue box.

tools for excel

Scroll down and find T-test. Under T-test, you will three kinds of T-test, select the first one i. Click on Ok to finish the test. The result will show the mean value of two teams, Variance Value, how many observations are conducted or how many values taken into consideration, Pearson Correlation etc….

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This means data is not significant. A solver is nothing but solving the problem. Look at the below image I have data of product units, units price, total cost, and the total profit. Units sold quantity is at a selling price of 10 per unit.

tools for excel

Total cost is and the total profit is As a proprietor, I want to earn a profit of by increasing the unit price. To make a profit of I need to sell the products at 11 per unit instead of 10 per unit. Here we discuss how to use the Excel Data Analysis Tool along with excel examples and downloadable excel template.

You may also look at these useful articles in excel —. Your email address will not be published. Forgot Password? Popular Course in this category.This page contains an organized list of all the Excel files, add-ins, and guides that are available for download on this site. The majority of the downloads are free.

tools for excel

An Excel Add-in is a tool that adds additional features to Excel. These add-ins will add additional buttons to the ribbon that will help automate processes and save you time. Please see my guide on How to Install an Excel Add-in for help with installation. The following is a list of files available for download. Please refer to the post link after each file for more information.

Excel Tool for Data Analysis

Excel Tables. Pivot Tables. More results Generic filters. Hidden label. Filter Mate A fast and easy way to work with filtered ranges and Tables in Excel. Tab Hound Quickly find and jump to sheets in your workbook and automate common worksheet processes.

Excel Tools

The add-in that will change how you work with Excel. Paste Buddy Create custom keyboard for any of the paste special commands like paste values or paste formulas. List Search Quickly search any data validation list or in-cell drop-down list.

Quarter Sum Formulas Automatically create formulas that sum quarterly and annual data in a report. Chart Alignment Add-in Move and align chart titles, labels, legends with the arrow keys and alignment buttons.

Absolute Reference Add-in Quickly create absolute references for table formulas structured references using the F4 key.


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